In Chrome, TeamSync Bookmarks automatically show up in the "Other Bookmarks" folder in your Bookmarks bar. Sometimes, the "Other Bookmarks" folder isn't visible. That's ok! Just follow these steps to enable it. Read further to change the location in Chrome/Firefox. 

You can also access your bookmarks through the Bookmark Manager. It is found on the menu bar under Bookmarks (it's called the Bookmark Toolbar on Firefox).

How to enable the Bookmark bar in Chrome

  • Open up your Chrome Settings by clicking the Options Icon (3 vertical dots) in the top right hand corner
  • Navigate to the "Bookmarks" option and then click "Show Bookmarks Bar"
  • Once you join a group or create a group, the Group Folders will be visible in the "Other Bookmarks" folder in the "Bookmarks Bar"

Change location of shared folders to the Bookmarks bar in Chrome/Firefox

  • Click the settings icon next to the group name
  • Select Bookmarks location > Bookmarks bar
  • This will give you easy access to your bookmarks